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You wanted them, so here you go!

Can you think of anything hotter than cocks in chastity? Locked away for good, slowly becoming more and more useless until eventually it can never get hard again. A pathetically small and soft cock that one day might get to spurt out a small amount of cum as its owner gets another sissygasm.

I’ve come into quite a collection of wonderful images so I’ll continue to post them as inspiration to you all ❤️

Joella Haze

last year

Love it!!! 😍 TY for sharing! It is so sexy seeing a useless cock locked away for life! When mine is on I’m on absolute awe of it. The statement it makes. Some of those in the pics are styles I didn’t know were available. Will be checking them out for sure!


last year

Does anyone have more info about the cage the girl in red is wearing? Never seen that style before, it’s definitely unique.


last year

Sissy must forget abaut her little clitty…. Make it useless