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I’m a deaf sissy, I’m learning about my self more than everyday been caged almost two years. Looking into getting another one that will make it permanently flat and remind me I’m a girl not a boy. More about me coming soon till I get to know most of you. Lite shy. Will open up as the more I’m comfortable 🤟


Wear a full outfit

This was when I was 23 years old this was 25 years ago


Me permanently caged can’t live without it just even for 3 weeks yet alone one week

Cage yourself


Wore my butt plug for two hours today

I have been wearing my panties and bra now two days on my new job and also back wearing my cage now a week since having it off for a few weeks. I cannot be without my cage I feel naked without it and too much temptation touching the ugly thing of my boiclit and that ugly ball sac just wish I was a full girl …..


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You should also make sure you claim the “undercover” task now 😘

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Paint your nails


Hi I am a new deaf sissy and I’m glad I came to the right place and something I can relate to and meet other sisters who are going thru the same thing and a place where only us can understand while the normal world doesn’t!


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Hey Raven, we accept everybody here so welcome! 🙂


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Thank you Mistress

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