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Luna Kittyn

Hello! I'm a trans woman that posts lewds online. Black sissy represent Feel free to add me from the discord server to chat. Twitter @LunaKittyn


Shave your body

I always make sure I’m hairless and feminine so any partners know I’m soft and submissive <3

Sissy You No Longer Like Girls, Shemale Fuck Shemale HD Porn | xHamster

I admit I love cock 🥰

Congrats on your first corruption of another sissy! 🤤

Be honest, my alpha black male body and BBC were made for fucking white girls and sissies like you. R-Right? 🥺

Very beautiful pictures. I adore your body and I think you mentioned in one of your posts that you liked the contrast of the pastel colours against your skin. I agree - I think the soft pinks and blues look amazing.

Thank you for sharing your journey and writing about it here too, I appreciate being able to read about it. You look amazing and I just wish you were a bit closer to Melbourne, Australia 🙃

I also love the fact that you’re challenge the stereotypes around POC sissies as well. Let’s not lie, in the sissy world you see many stereotypes about black people (i.e. BBC porn). I know I’ve been guilty of it myself.

Thanks so much for joining the site!

Luna Kittyn

last year

Thanks so much! I’m glad you liked my posts 😀

A while ago I met a hot woman at a bar who hit on me and started talking. She invited me to her place that night and I thought I was getting lucky. Instead, she told me she wanted us to take pictures of each other in lingerie for online content, starting with her. She was very nice and let me take pictures of her from every angle, but kept her panties on. After her turn, I started undressing but she had a different pair of pink lingerie she wanted me to try on for the pictures instead.

I fit perfectly in them! She told me how cute they made me look. After I got ready to take out my cock she said that there was no need, “She didn’t need to see that.” I didn’t realize until then that I’d been completely limp and soft in them the whole time in front of her, even seeing her nude. She told me to keep the lingerie, and thanked me for helping her.

A bit later that night she admitted she didn’t see me as a man, and that she just wanted a nice girl to help her take nudes for her boyfriend, but we could still be girl friends after. Her boyfriend came in later that night while I was still there, and saw me dressed up himself. Then they disappeared into her room to start fucking loudly. I stayed where I was and listened for a while, while going through these pictures she took of my pathetic sissy body.

We’re still girl friends to this day and often meet to chat about boys, how my feminization is going, and to give me old clothes/panties. She doesn’t want to do anything sexual with me anymore, and who could blame her after seeing my pathetic pink sissy ass showing off like a slut in her panties. You can tell yourself hypnos don’t affect you, but this is how I learned I really enjoyed being rejected and called a sissy. 💖


last year

I love this story. It’s not really my place to say, but perhaps now that she sees you as being safe, you might find a sexual place with them as a couple by being a passive observer.

You could always mention how them having sex with you next door made you feel even more feminine. Would she be interested in doing the same with you in the room but restrained and in chastity? Obviously you know her much better than I do, but it could be something she’s wanting to explore.

Also, with all your wonderful photos, you’ve inspired me to start improving the gallery section. I need to be able to add the same “heart” like button and comments under photos!

Luna Kittyn

last year

Sad to say but as of now we don’t do anything like that anymore. 😅 Like you said, it’s more like she sees me as “being safe.” She’s comfortable around me enough that I see her undressed sometimes, but it’s more of like being naked in front of other women to her and she just doesn’t care to censor her body in front of me.

We talk all the time about our sex lives, and I think I’ve mentioned chastity or shown her my other more risque pictures, but she sees me as just a girl friend these days.

No Pussy For Sissies - Lesson 20

I wasn’t into denial at first but after being rejected by women so much in favor of real alpha men, I can admit a feminized beta like me should never touch pussy again. No woman would ever want a weak, soft sissy with a broken clitty to touch her. 😵‍💫Sissies like me get fucked and dominated by men, preferably in front of women so they can see how pathetic and limp we are in comparison. 💖


last year

Very true words. Be sure to mix some positive messaging into how you feel as well. It’s not a bad thing to feel like this at all, after all, it’s your life to live how you choose to do so. If feeling feminised feels good, then that’s enough reason to enjoy it in itself.

Luna Kittyn

last year

Oh for sure! I find the humiliation pretty hot, but I enjoy all of it and the frustration as well!

A comfortable fit is fine and does the job, but what’s the point of caging the pathetic thing if you don’t keep progressing into making it smaller and useless? The end goal should be permanently locked and totally ruined. Letting woman laugh at your sissy clit flopping around when you ride a cock is the goal. Maybe I should let a real man decide for me instead… 😆

Purchase and train with a dildo

I have 5 of all varying sizes, colors, and…species. My first time getting knotted made me squeal, and the first horsecock dildo I ever took all the way made my legs shake like a bitch while I squirmed in chastity. Bouncing my locked clit while riding them is the best!

Purchase and wear a wig

Which is better? A microbikini showing off every part of my fem beta body, or pink lacy lingerie showing off how little masculinity I have locked up. Either way, I always match with pink <3

Cage yourself

I’ve got 3! Working on shrinking down my black clit…

Wear your first bra

Hormones have made my weak body ultra sensitive! A bit of chest touching can turn me on like other girls. I’ve had small breast buds growing for a while now, and it’s getting harder to hide them in boy clothes without wearing a bra…

Panties wearer
The first step
Wear your first panties

I really like lighter pastel colors for the way the look on darker skin. Pink to match my cages is always a bonus too.

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