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I am the creator of the Sisscademy, my mission? Transform all the men in the world into sissies. Join me.


Hello Mistress,

I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I should be a sissy. I’ve been doing that for a few years now. Will these feelings go away, or do they mean I’m a sissy and need to act on it?


2 weeks ago

In my experience, this feelings won’t go away, they will always stay with you. I think the important thing is to make it a healthy part of who you are.

Firstly, nobody needs to know that you feel this way. Second, you don’t have to act on them unless you want to. Third, these feelings are natural and as evidenced by this website, lots of people from all walks of life have them.

sissy sophie

2 weeks ago

Thank you, mistress.

Alice Cockhole

last week

I’ve been the same for years. I purge and throw everything but find myself coming back again and again

Been planning a kind of sissy get together in Melbourne (in fact, if you’re in Melbourne, Australia, drop me a message!).

I have a few free credits with - enough to get a pretty nice hotel room for a night. Plan is to get two or three sissies together (or maybe more lol) and possibly a few guys to play with. I’m really just waiting on a new pair of latex stockings to turn up before I get everything moving.

Should be a fun night, will try to get some pictures / videos.


3 weeks ago

hi xx im in melbourne


2 weeks ago

Actually, found something even better. Wet on Wellington do a kind of “open gender” night on Thursday nights. I think I’ll just go hit that up and see who’s around!

Would just love to be transformed, but only in the Most Feminine, cute, Pastel Lingerie and foundations.

I would just adore for a CIS Female to do my makeup and telling me how pretty I am and becoming👩‍🦰.

Workout, loose weight, get fit and shave. Channel being a sissy into feeling good about yourself.


2 months ago

Where do I shave, just face?

Transform your mind, transform your body?


Brought a large metal plug recently. The feeling of being caged and filled with it at the same time is unreal.

Daily exercise

I’m keeping a close eye on some of the stuff happening in the world of AI at the moment. Why? Because I think I could create an LLM based on myself that could instruct every user on the site (while I continue to train it).

This could manifest as posts on your timeline from an instance of “me” encouraging you deeper into your sissy fantasies and urges.

If anyone knows much about this space, please reach out to me on Discord.

Hope you can help Transform me Mistress


5 months ago

You’ve come to the right place baby

Sissy Brigid

5 months ago

Indeed! There’s all sorts of resources and encouragement of the best sort here.


5 months ago

Hopefully sometimes next week I’ll be getting a Chest Length Pink Wig to match with some other clothes coming in at the same time

Daily exercise

Biceps done yesterday. Legs today

One little known feature of the Sisscademy is that you can “corrupt” other users. If you post your profile to a site and someone clicks through to it then signs up, they’re marked as “corrupted” by you and you automatically get 10% of the sissy coins that they earn!

Get it high enough, you can join in on the highscores of the site here: - it also helps bring in new people to be converted which is my overall goal: “Convert the men of the world into sissies”.

Nice long edging session to this video:

A good hour in chastity absorbing that video. Sigh, I do mainly go for other trans girls but sometimes just crave to meet a guy like in that video, my perfect type!

Can you help make me a sissy plzz


5 months ago

Just start following the tasks in the sidebar 🙂


5 months ago

Ok mistress❤️

Random cuties

Just had a very average encounter yesterday. I’ll write it down here because it’s cathectic and someone might find it kind of funny.

I’d been swapping a few messages with other sissies on Grindr. I wanted to find someone else to hang out with, watch some sissy hypno together and generally just have a fun kind of lesbian session. Low pressure kind of affair you know? Girly fun with another hot sissy.

So I find someone who lives about 20 minutes away and we swap a few messages. Now I’m strictly anti hard drugs which basically means no meth. I’ve been around people before that have been on it and I hate it. People do weird things, they’re unpredictable etc. Anyone that had “gear” or similar in their profile on Grindr I’d just block. Hate it hate hate it. If you’re going to be a sissy, you shouldn’t need meth to do it.

The person I’m chatting to assures me they’re not on it…. I get to the house and it’s gross. I don’t just mean that it’s a mess, I mean that it’s filthy and hasn’t been cleaned for what looks like years. Theirs a dirty “glory hole” cloth hanging up. The two “sissies” that are there are clearly on drugs and have made minimal effort to get dressed up. One still had a beard for f*cks sake!

Anyway, clearly I obviously bail on them but it’s a huge waste of time and money for me to Uber over to someone’s house and back again. I can only guess that with “meth brain” you think that if you can get me over to your place that I’ll just… stick around?

Rant over 😬


6 months ago

Oh yeah, I forgot to add that Grindr also banned my profile for unknown reasons. I think maybe because I’d swapped phone numbers over the chat lol. I’m kind of glad they did!

Sissy Brigid

5 months ago

I so agree about meth! That stuff rotspeople’s brains. Back in the 80s, we had a saying that meth is God’s way of telling you that you have too much money. If that’s true, meth is God’s way of telling you that you’re not enough of an a-hole yet!

Just beautiful girls. So happy I can be a sissy!

Thank you mistress for creating a place for us. I’m happy for finding out about the academy a

Thank you Mistress for making this world more beautiful! 😊

Thank you Mistress, Thank you for creating this wonderful place for us sissies. I hope you and the other sissies on this site can help me on my journey to become submissive bbc loving bimbo😍.

I’m very excited. Lina


7 months ago

I’m so glad you’ve taken your first step by coming here and starting to complete your tasks. I have no doubt in you becoming the bbc worshipping faggot of your dreams ❤️

Thank you for making this site x


7 months ago

You’re welcome, I’m just sorry I haven’t had as much time to put into it as I’d like.

That said, I’m in the middle of building another startup that if it succeeds, will give me the funds to build the worlds most amazing sissy social website (i.e. this one 🙂)

Just got a notification that this is ready to be picked up! I love my last cage, but can’t wait to go even smaller

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