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I am the creator of the Sisscademy, my mission? Transform all the men in the world into sissies. Join me.


I cannot find anywhere to delete my account. Please assist. I work in I.T. Please advise how to delete account.

Hi Mistress, thank you for everything you do for us here. Am loving every step of my journey. Any tips you might share with us. Thank You again.

Hi Mistress, I’m new here and I’m very curious where joining this site will take me. Thanks for creating this opportunity. 😘

I’ve always been a sissy. I’ve been in the closet. I hate being there.


last week

A lot of us are closeted it’s liberating being open about it finally

Mistress, I need your guidance.

Mein Name ist David Sissy, Name Luisa, Jennifer Ort 98646 Hildburghausen, 171 cm groß, 65 kg Gewicht

Hallo Herrin, ich bin neu als Sklavin und Sissy. Aber ich möchte bitte als Ihr persönlicher Sklave dienen. Ich würde dich gerne zu deiner Sissy, Schlampe und Hure ausbilden. Ich werde alles tun, was Sie verlangen, einschließlich Beweisen in Bildern und Videos. Sie und jeder, den Sie wollen, können mich online/öffentlich beschämen, missbrauchen, erniedrigen, ausnutzen, versklaven und alles tun, was Sie mit mir tun möchten. Ich freue mich darauf, von Ihnen zu hören, hübsche, wunderschöne, wundervolle, sexy Herrin und Göttin. Meine Nummer ist 015234657348

Präferenzen: Anal Schwanz quälen *Mädchenkleidung tragen, posieren, Fotos machen

  • Ruinierte Orgasmen NS von Mädchen trinken Getragene Unterwäsche sauber lecken
  • öffentliche / Online-Präsenz Komm raus, wenn du willst Aufgaben in der Öffentlichkeit *Aufgaben erstellen
  • Tue tatsächlich alles, was du ihr sagst

Tabus: Zunächst öffentlich Stecken Sie etwas in den Schwanz Blut Kot

Spielzeuge: Dildo (kann mit Akkuschrauber verwendet werden) Stäbe Stecker Vaginalperlen Vibrator Schockvibrator *Maiskolben, Wäscheklammern usw

Mädchensachen: BHs Tangas Slip Jeans Gamaschen Bodys Hot Pants Schuhe *Unterwäsche (Die meisten Sachen fallen sehr eng und klein aus, da ich meist Kindergrößen kaufe 🤭. Die Sachen werden von 3 Freunden gekauft und gekauft oder verschenkt

Mistress, I need your guidance. I am working on my sissygasm task, but I haven’t had any anal training, and I can’t afford a dildo right now! I was wondering, since you can’t touch the clitty during sissygasms, can you touch the area AROUND it?


last week

Sissygasms are amazing once you’ve had one it’s hard to ever go back to toucjhing yiur clitty


I want to be feminized

I need guidance… 🖤

Hello, I am excited to join and looking forward to being your good sissy

Michelle Longing

2 months ago

Thank You, Mistress! I have been on my feminization journey quite a long time and just now came across your site. I love being Michelle and always embrace new ideas and recommendations to deepen my feminization.

Thank you for creating the academy, mistress! I look forward to completing tasks and becoming a good sissy!

Mistress, thank you for building this community for us sissy gurls. 💋

Thanks for this space for helping me to be mylself

Thank you, Misttress.

Thank you, Mistress! I look forward to my time here at the academy! 😊

My dream is to progress more and more to become a perfect sissy, I rely on your help

I’m turning off the email timeline updates (i.e. the message you get when you have a change on your timeline).

I’m starting to send too many (lol, cost) and getting a quite a few bounced emails or abuse reports for the emails.

It’s probably worth giving everyone an update on the status of the site. First of all, it’s not going anywhere - it’s quite fine just running along like it has been. However, I have been neglecting it to some degree because I’m in the process of launching an actual real company which is taking up immense amounts of my programming time. I just haven’t got the bandwidth to come back at night and work on this.

The good news is, everything is going great in the new business and if things continue, well let’s just say I’ll have enough time to come back and work on the site full time for the foreseeable future.

So yeah, things aren’t going anywhere, hold on for a bit longer and eventually I’ll have all the time in the world to build the most amazing sissy social network.

Michelle Longing

2 months ago

As a sissy… I am used to waiting! I look forward to more of You


2 weeks ago

Good luck, Mistress! Thanks for creating this space <3

Thank you for your hard work.

Thank you for creating this xxx

Hello Mistress, thank you for having the good idea to create a website like this and for welcoming me there. So I’m going to explore and do my little part 😊

will you please delete me from this site

I will do my best to succeed. Mistress.

Thank u mistress I’m now fully comfortable in being a true sissy

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