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EmperorHypnos - Sissy Maker III [720p]

BBC gegen weißen Jungen

you are sooo hot!

Lina the bnwo whore

3 weeks ago

Thank you so much my sister.


3 weeks ago

not on whiteboys lol!

Hi Lina, you are so experienced although you just started here. I admire you so much. I am also German speaking. I am so unexperienced and still so confused about what is happening to me. It is like a new identity is breaking through from deep within me, dismantling my old existence as guy. Everything is stronger than I thought. I knew I was a bit BBC loving, but the test shows me that I am totally addicted. Everything inside me is confused. I would be so happy if you could guide me little with your experience.


3 weeks ago

I also have a BBC addiction.

I‘m on stage 3 now.


last month

proud of you sisster….. i think i m there too. …mmmm


Big Black Cock


8 months ago

Black or white - they all need to be served by a sissy!💋💋


9 months ago

I am in love with captions like those😍 Do you mind linking to that gallery? I’d love to check out the rest ;)


9 months ago

Thank you 😘

Lina the bnwo whore

9 months ago

You’re welcome sister.

BBC Addiction Test for White Bois by Sissynicole69: Porn 57 | xHamster

For all my bbc loving sissy sisters. With that video you can test how addicted to bbc you really are. I actually already knew my a slut for bbc before this video but sometimes it’s nice to proof it to yourself by achieving perfect test results.


last month

Thanks for posting. I knew I was addicted, but I didn’t know I was so totally addicted as the test showed. I am still shivering. This is still so new for me. 4 months ago I thought I was a normal male guy and now things break up from inside me like a volcano bringing up longings and feelings I didn’t know anything of before, sweeping away my old identity.

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What’s 8 inches long, black and belongs in my pussy?

That’s right, my bbc dildo!!!

I‘m soooo exited my dildo arrived today. I just rode it for about 30 minutes. First insertion was really hard, because my sissy puss is very tight. But as it finally entered me… joy, just pure joy 😍. I almost had a sissygasm. On one picture you can see the size comparison between my white sissy clitty and an average 8 inch bbc dildo, i love it💗💗💗

Purchase and wear a wig

Love new blonde hair (wig). Like to wear it with a ponytail.

Wear something with fishnets

Only thing missing on these pictures, a bbc daddy pounding my sissy puss while pulling my blonde hair.

Cage yourself

I love my pink holytrainer


11 months ago

Chastity is just the most wonderful sensation in the world, just remember to keep going smaller and smaller!

Lina the bnwo whore

11 months ago

For me being in chastity feels so liberating. I know it sounds contradictory, being locked equals liberated, but it really is because it‘s huge step towards accepting your true self and leads the focus on your new main sexorgan, your sissy pussy (often mistakenly called asshole). I always will remember your advice, keep going smaller and smaller. I want my clitty to shrink really tiny so it no longer can be mistaken as a dick. I want to be known as the sissy with tiniest clitty on this wonderful website🥰

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